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Power Bond Balancers PB1208-N Balancer/Component-CHEVV6 Power Bond Balancers PB1208-N Balancer/Component-CHEVV6 4.3 LTR HBALANCER POWER BOND BALANCERS Balancer/Component-CHEVV6 4.3 LTR HBALANCER
JBL EON610 1000W 10 Powered Speaker (10 1000W Live Sound Monitoring - Highly flexible and easy to use, the JBL EON610 self-powered PA speaker gives you extraordinary quality in a portable package. Making use of JBL's advanced waveguide technology and the latest developments in cabinet materials, acoustic science, and transducer design, the EON610 delivers a studio-monitor-quality sound, providing you with remarkable performance for nearly any live application. The EON610's onboard EQ parameters can even be controlled via Bluetooth for convenient command of this innovative, self-powered PA speaker's silky highs and chest-thumping lows. At Sweetwater, we've always stood behind the quality and performance of JBL's products, and the EON610 is no exception. Great-sounding and user-friendly, the JBL EON610 self-powered PA speaker delivers!JBL EON610 Self-powered PA Speaker at a Glance: Designed to deliver quality sound in a portable package. JBL waveguide technology provides consistent, uniform coverage. Bluetooth integration for convenient control of volume and EQ parameters. Designed to deliver quality sound in a portable packageUsing modern manufacturing techniques, JBL has optimized the EON610's enclosure for ideal acoustic resonance, resulting in tremendous volume and phenomenal performance in a convenient, portable package. The intelligent positioning of the handles on the EON610 ensure that you'll have no problem carrying and moving it around, while integrated hardware mounts allow you to fly with the EON610 when required. Additionally, indexed feet molded into the EON610's enclosures allow for convenient storage and transport, as well as secure stacking for stage monitor and traditional stand up configurations.JBL waveguide technology provides consistent, uniform coverageBy examining the radiation characteristics of the EON610's high and low frequency drivers at different points, JBL engineers have achieved a breakthrough approach to waveguide design. The EON610 self-powered PA speaker utilizes individual waveguides for both components that control the sound radiation at the high frequencies, the crossover point, and at the low frequencies, providing you with unprecedented sound quality. The EON610's innovative design also ensures consistent frequency response throughout its entire coverage area, delivering smooth, transparent sound to everyone in your audience.Bluetooth integration for convenient control of volume and EQ parametersIn order to provide you with sophisticated yet convenient control over your sound, JBL engineers have developed an iOS and Android-supported Bluetooth interface for controlling your volume and EQ parameters. During a soundcheck, you can walk around the venue and whip out your smartphone or tablet to fix any sonic issues that you may encounter. Nice!JBL EON610 Self-powered PA Speaker Features: 1000-watt amplifier delivers exceptional headroom with power to spare. JBL waveguide technology provides smooth, transparent sound to everyone in your audience. Onboard EQ presets allow setting the system for various applications. Bluetooth integration for convenient control of volume and EQ parameters. XLR loop through for routing signal to additional EON600-series speakers. The JBL EON610 self-powered PA speaker delivers extraordinary quality in a great-sounding, portable package! Stage Monitors
Boss Audio 8-Inch Dual Voice Coil 4-Ohm 1000-Watt - 8-inch car audio subwoofer- Treated paper cone and foam surround- Best suited for 0.65 cubic feet sealed or 1.5 cubic feet ported enclosures- Dual voice coil- Provides more wiring configuration possibilities. If you add subs, the wiring configurations can be easily matched to optimize the amp’s power output and the power handling.- Ideal for medium to high-power applications.- 4-ohm impedance- Peak power handling: 1000 watts- RMS power handling: 500 watts- Dual voice coil configuration- Mounting diameter: 7 inches- Mounting depth: 3.75 inches- FS: 42 Hz- QMS: 5.81- VAS: 0.65 cubic feet- QES: 0.46- QTS: 0.43- XMAX (1-way): 8 mm- Sensitivity: 88 dß- Resonance frequency: 42 Hz- Treated paper cone and foam surround- Works in 0.5 cubic feet or 0.8 cubic feet ported enclosure- Port dimension: Round 3-inch- Port length: 8 inches- Port frequency: 45 Hz- Color: Black- Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 4 inches- Weight: 6 pounds- Quantity: 2- Product warranty: 3-year warranty
Boss Audio MR105 - Marine 10 Subwoofer Single With 1000W of serious bass, the MR105 produces powerful waves of sound for your marine audio system. Rest assured it's up for the job with its durable materials that can take on the salty sea air. A classy white finish rounds off this impressive subwoofer with a stylish design you will want to show off.
Kicker 11DS652 component speakers & 11DS693 Kicker 11DS652 component speakers & 11DS693 3-way speaker bundle
Alpine Spr-50c 5.25-Inch 2 Way Pair of Component 5-1/4-inch Car audio 2 way component speakers (pair) Color : black Product dimensions : 8.4x7.1x17.4 inches SKU : ADIB0056JXLTW
Stelle Audio AudioPillar® - Pewter Designed to bridge the gap between music, design and technology, the unique Audio Pillar complements an array of décor styles and provides unparalleled sound quality. Compatable with any blue tooth device. 360-degree sound. 15-hour rechargeable battery. Speakerphone. Aluminum, ABS Plastic. Diameter, about 5. Imported. - Color: Pewter - Size: No Size
Crunch CS65C 6.5 300W 2-Way Component CS The Crunch CS65C Component Speaker System is designed to drive you. It features an impact-resistant, neo-Mylar, soft-dome tweeter for excellent sound quality and added reliability. It also features a 4-ohm impedance and silver alpha-cellulose cones for musical power along with added resistance to the elements. This 2-way component speaker has moisture-resistant rubber surround with a high mid-bass impact. The anti-resonant stamped steel basket also adds to the audio quality so you only hear the music and not the speaker vibrating. These 300-watt speakers can handle any vocalist, guitar riff or heavy turntable scratch that can be powered through them. Along with having superior sound, this 6.5 component system is also quick to install because of its spade speaker terminal. All of the installation hardware is included. Overall, this Crunch CS65C Component Speaker System is designed to support the power of music.
Boss CHAOS EXXTREME CH6930 3-Way 6in. x 9in. Enjoy driving to work; install the Boss Chaos Exxtreme CH6930 amplifier in your car and play the music loud while you vroom across the street. Move from Rihanna to Beyonce and from U2 to the rock artists, as this Boss car speaker has a peak power output of 400 watts with 4 ohms of impedance. Sound is undistorted and smooth, as this Boss 6 x 9 inch speaker has a sensitivity of 92 dB. With a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz, this Boss car speaker ensures that everything from low bass notes to high soprano notes are distinctly audible. This Boss 6 x 9 inch speaker has a poly-injection cone and a 1 aluminum voice coil. The Boss Chaos Exxtreme CH6930 speaker has a ¾-inch piezo tweeter for those high frequency sounds.
Boss SK553 3-Way 5.25in. Car Speaker The Boss SK553 5.25-inch speaker system with 1-inch Mylar dome midrange speaker and 1-inch Piezo dome tweeter offers an outstanding mid and high frequency response. With a sensitivity rating of 90 dB, this Boss 3-way car speaker system efficiently convert power to high-quality sound. The Boss SK553 features Butyl rubber surround that eliminates distortion and reproduces smooth, accurate sound. This 5.25-inch speaker system has a frequency response ranging from 85 Hz to 20 kHz, for creating an amazing sound quality with minimal distortion. This Boss 3-way car speaker system with 135 watts of RMS power ensures proper handling of sustained music reproduction.
Boss BRS69 1-Way 6in. x 9in. Car Speaker The Boss BRS69 is a superior dual cone replacement car speaker that gives you high quality sound. The 120-watt maximum power output of this Boss car speaker delivers rich and full bodied audio. The 50 Hz-20 kHz frequency response of this Boss speaker delivers well balanced and accurate audio across all frequencies. The Boss BRS69 car speaker has 4-ohm impedance that offers clearer audio with maximum sound reproduction. The Polypropylene cone material of this Boss car speaker produces exceptional bass with minimum distortion. Get dynamic and precise audio in your car with this Boss speaker.
Boss CHAOS EXXTREME CH5720 2-Way 5in. x 7in. Treat your car with the stylish and performance-oriented Chaos Exxtreme CH5720 speaker for the ultimate sound experience. This Boss coaxial car speaker looks exceptionally chic with its bright red metallic poly injection cone that produces crystal clear sound. With a frequency response of 100Hz-18kHz, this Boss 2-way speaker gives you balanced tone to make the music sound more pleasing to your ears. With peak power handling of 225 Watt, the Chaos Exxtreme CH5720 gives you mind-blowing performance and music experience. Surrounded by rubber, this Boss coaxial car speaker provides smooth sound with durability. So call your friends and go out for a crazy ride with this Boss 2-way speaker in you car, thereby getting the true value of it.
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