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Madden NFL 12 (Nintendo Wii, 2011) The Wii version of Madden NFL 12 features additional control schemes, new in-game challenges, an updated franchise mode, revamped player models, and new social game types. Gesture-based controls are now optional, as the game supports the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro for online and offline play modes. The Wii Remote can also be held horizontally for a two-button interface for those desiring a simpler scheme. The presentation features more realistic looking player models, touchdown celebrations, real-time stat updates, new post-play reactions, and other tweaks.

The franchise mode lets players build their dream team with the fantasy draft, then hire or fire coaches, negotiate contracts, and create players as the season progresses. To keep your job during franchise play, you'll have to make sure you meet or exceed fan expectations, turn a profit, and win games. Completing various in-game challenges will reward you with alternate uniforms, new stadiums, and arcade-style power-ups. New modes include "Road to the Super Bowl" and "Madden Showdown," both of which offer five-on-five or a full 11-on-11 action with friends.
Splatoon (Nintendo Wii U, 2015) Splatoon Nintendo Wii U 2015 provides the gamers with hours of fun and new experiences. Based on its content, this video game belongs to the Shooter genre. The Splatoon has E10+ - Everyone 10+ ESRB rating.
Mighty No. 9 (Nintendo Wii U, 2016) A spiritual successor to the Mega Man series, Mighty No. 9 finds gamers controlling an android named Beck through classically styled 2D platform action. Beck is one of nine powerful Might Number combat robots, but he must defeat his fellow androids when a mysterious virus causes them to go berserk. Players can enter the nine main stages in any order they choose, and when then last robot is defeated three new stages are unlocked. The action features plenty of running, jumping, blasting, and dashing, and gamers can acquire new weapons and abilities from fallen foes.

Mighty No. 9 also includes New Game+ and Boss Rush modes, and multiplayer fans can see how they compare to others with leaderboards and rankings, or join a friend for the Online Co-op Challenge Mode.
Sega Bass Fishing (Nintendo Wii, 2008) Sega's action-oriented fishing series is lured from the arcades and Dreamcast onto Wii with motion-sensing controls simulating both casting and reeling. As in previous iterations, Sega Bass Fishing focuses on catching the "big ones" as quickly as possible instead of waiting patiently on a boat for a nibble or two. Four play modes include Arcade, Tournament, Practice, and Nature Trip. The latter is a Wii exclusive, allowing players to enjoy the thrills and spills of competitive fishing without worrying about time limits or achieving specific objectives. A total of 15 venues are available, seven of which are new to the Wii version. Players will be able to choose from 20 lures to land four types of bass: Florida Large Mouth, Red Eye, Small Mouth, and Northern Spike Large Mouth. Adjustable options include season, time of day, and weather.
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (Nintendo Wii, Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is a classically styled kart racing game, with zippy vehicles, fantasy-themed courses, and over-the-top power-ups. Players choose to race as a favorite Sega game character, from a roster of 20 that includes Sonic, Tails, and Dr. Eggman, as well as Ai Ai and his monkey-balled companions, and the maracas-shaking Amigo from the Dreamcast's hit rhythm game. In classic kart-racing form, each character drives a vehicle with different attributes -- such as acceleration, handling, and top-speed -- allowing players to choose a ride that complements their driving style or to pick a character best suited for the challenges of a particular course.

The game features two dozen different tracks, set in medieval castles, lush rain forests, and busy city streets, all stocked with hazards to avoid, bonuses to collect, and shortcuts to discover. Up to four players can compete in a split-screen mode.
Hannah Montana: The Movie (Nintendo Wii, The video game version of Hannah Montana: The Movie is an interactive adventure that follows the story of the 2009 feature film, highlighting key moments with rhythm-based musical challenges and getting personal with county carnival-inspired mini-games. When the pressure of leading a secret life as pop singing sensation Hannah Montana begins to become too much for Miley Stewart, she finds herself back in her Tennessee hometown for a little rest, relaxation, and reflection. Miley brings both worlds back to her old stomping grounds of Crowley Corners, but it's up to players to figure out what's really the best of them. In the role of Hannah Montana, players keep the beat to a dozen hit songs, playing virtual guitar, keyboard, and drums, and singing and dancing in a dozen sold-out venues. As Miley, players can spend time with family and true friends Lilly and Oliver, become reacquainted with an old confidant, and play mini-games such as "Frog Toss," "Dunk the Fool," and "Milk Jug Topple."
Build-A-Bear Workshop: Friendship Valley It's a pawsome good time! Help your Build-A-Bear Workshop furry friends make Friendship Valley the most furbulous town of all! Explore the 3D world, customize the town, go on quests and play mini-games, all while having bearific fun!
Just Dance 2 (Nintendo Wii, 2010) Ubisoft's dancing sim returns with new modes, new musical genres, and a stable of more than 45 hit dance songs in Just Dance 2. Players one again use their Wii Remote to mimic real dance moves choreographed by experts in a variety of styles, including Bollywood and Reggaeton. The "Sweat Meter" keeps track of the calories players burn as they swing their arms and kick their legs, the new "Dance Off" mode lets gamers form a crew and compete against others in a competition, and the new "Party" mode plays music continuously. The musical selection spans decades and genres, and includes tracks such as "Walk Like an Egyptian" by the Bangles, "Call Me" by Blondie, "Viva Las Vegas" by Elvis Presley, and "TiK ToK" by Ke$ha.
Fortune Street (Nintendo Wii, 2011) Mario and his crew meet the characters from Dragon Quest in this Mushroom Kingdom version of Monopoly called Fortune Street (Nintendo Wii, 2011). The game sends players around a virtual board to purchase profitable spaces and collect payments from players who land on them in the future. Up to three players can compete on the same system with a single Wii remote. Online games are supported over a Wi-Fi connection. Gamers can play as their own Miis or choose from 20 other characters. Various options allow players to set up simple games for beginners or more sophisticated contests. Fortune Street is rated E for everyone.
Dood's Big Adventure (Nintendo Wii, 2010) Dood's Big Adventure has uDraw GameTablet owners using the wireless device to safely guide the pint-sized protagonist across 60 levels. You'll be able to customize your character before venturing into the cartoon-like environments, where you'll primarily use the stylus to interact with the game. Drawing a line through Dood, for example, will create a trampoline to send him flying. Enemies can be defeated by flicking ink at them, and certain levels will require specific techniques to master. Tap the tablet to blow an inflated Dood through the air or tilt the peripheral to roll Dood across a level. Collect coins and complete milestones to unlock "doodads," magic canvases, and other surprises.
Sonic Colors (Nintendo Wii, 2010) Sonic Colors is a return to Sonic's roots as a traditional platform game. Players control the blue hedgehog in predominantly side-scrolling levels filled with rings, robotic enemies, and various loops, rails, and boss battles. The setting is Dr. Eggman's interstellar amusement park, which consists of multiple themed planets with titles like "Sweet Mountain," Starlight Carnival," and "Asteroid Coaster." The park is not designed for fun and relaxation, however. Instead, Dr. Eggman is using the park as a front to secretly harvest the powers of aliens called wisps, and it's up to Sonic to stop him.

As Sonic traverses the 40+ levels in the game, he can collect one of the seven colorful creatures to imbue him with temporary powers. Yellow wisps allow Sonic to drill through the ground, for example, while pink wisps let Sonic roll up walls and across ceilings. In addition to the side-scrolling perspective, the game includes third-person sequences viewed from behind Sonic's back and a side goal of collecting five red tokens within each world's six acts. Collecting tokens unlocks levels in Eggman's "Sonic Simulator" mode, where two players can work together to retrieve one of seven Chaos Emeralds. Sonic Colors' supported controls include the Wii Remote and Nunchuk combo, the Classic Controller, and the GameCube controller.
Just Dance (Nintendo Wii, 2009) In Just Dance, players learn real dance moves to songs they know and love across a wide genre of music over the past sixty years.
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